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Your Hearing. Your Journey

Your Hearing. Your Journey


Choosing a hearing system involves a lot of decisions by you and your Audiologist, who will set out what is achievable, possible, or clinically advised based on your assessment and testing. This journey only starts with an Audiogram (chart with the results of a hearing test plotted on it) it needs to be more. In addition to a full hearing test when looking specifically at dispensing a hearing aid we also do speech in noise testing, tympanogram (tests the way your eardrum is working and is similar to the puff test for Glaucoma when you visit the opticians).

We need to know expectations, ability, and environment you want it to work in, medical history, lifestyle and have an honest conversation about it all. Only with all the information, can the right choice or options be placed in front of you for consideration.

A demonstration of the hearing system will be available where possible and here at Summertown Audiology, is always needed and advised. We also advise that you bring someone with you and not because you can’t make a solo decision but because they can give you a basis to compare performance on. The person you choose is known to you so you can more easily tell if there is a benefit. They can also inform on what you don’t hear.

You can’t know what you don’t know has been said. You also don’t know if you have misheard or guessed wrong all of the time and other people are just being polite. Support at a hearing assessment is always advised and strongly encouraged.

My aim is while going through the assessment process we can together choose the best solution for your lifestyle, level of hearing (your prescription if you will), you ability and your budget. An honest conversation that is open and comprehensive. You get to know me as well and see if I am the right person to help you. I am a bit of a nag, especially if you don’t wear your aids (and yes they do log the amount of time you wear them) I am firm but fair. If I feel something isn’t right for you I will tell you but will always be honest and give reasons for that decision. You need to be sure you feel you’ve got the right person and can work with me to get the best out of the system. Be under no illusion, it takes some getting used to and work to hear better. It’s a brain thing so give it time. Adjustments can be made, and fine tuning done. Rehabilitation is arguably the most important part of any hearing aid fitting. No two people are the same, they don’t have the same experience, they don’t live in the same sound scape, they all don’t like the same sounds, music, get annoyed by the same sounds. This all needs to be taken into consideration and allowing the time to do so is what coming to Summertown Audiology is all about.

I have chosen to work collaboratively with my colleagues at Summertown Clinic to offer additional help with conditions such as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), a kind of dizziness disorder. I have access to a Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist for expert medical advice and whom I refer patients to for care when needed. I also can refer those in need to specialist vestibular physiotherapists for prolonged issues with dizziness. There is a whole team here with a wide range of treatments to help the whole person.


In the unlikely event you cannot see me (Samantha), I have also chosen carefully who looks after my patients and clients when I am on leave or not able to attend a clinic (something that has proven very much needed in a post COVID world) I have a network of locum Audiologists that I trust and who are experts too, with proven clinical experience and knowledge. They know all my equipment and all of the treatment protocols. I In December I will be joined by my new business partner Elena and I look forward to introducing her in a future blog. She is simply marvellous too.

We learn from each other, and it makes us better.

I do offer home visits but please if you can come into the clinic do. I try and keep this limited resource for those that really cannot get into see me. These visits also take longer and travel and set up time is also needed. There is a call out charge for these appointments. Please ask for details when you book. Home visits can only be booked via the clinic and not on the website as the logistics can be more difficult.

Any questions about your hearing at all, please get in touch.

Date: 15 January 2023