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Is it Okay to Wear Just One Hearing Aid?

Is it Okay to Wear Just One Hearing Aid?

You may want to know whether wearing one hearing aid is sufficient or if it is necessary to wear two. Hearing loss is a complex condition that can manifest in different ways. Depending on the severity and your lifestyle, a hearing professional may recommend using just one or both devices.

When One Hearing Aid May Be Appropriate

There are certain circumstances when wearing one hearing aid may be more advisable than two. Some reports suggest that for individuals with cognitive delays or dementia, using only one hearing aid may be more effective since using two hearing aids may overstimulate the brain and auditory pathways, making it difficult to process sound. This is all down to the individual.

Benefits of Wearing Two Hearing Aids

Age related hearing loss, for example, often affects both ears simultaneously. However, in some cases, hearing loss may be more advanced in one ear than the other. When faced with this type of hearing loss, an Audiologist like Samantha here, may recommend wearing hearing aids in both ears as it provides better sound localisation, which means you will be able to tell where sounds are coming from more easily, and also helps to improve your ability to hear in noisy environments where sounds from different directions can be challenging to distinguish.

Wearing two hearing aids may be more beneficial, especially for individuals with bilateral hearing loss, for several reasons:

  • When the brain receives input from both ears, it can process sound more effectively.
  • Even if the hearing loss is different in each ear, an Audiologist can program the hearing aids to the appropriate level of amplification for each ear.
  • Using two hearing aids helps avoid auditory deprivation by keeping both ears stimulated, reducing the risk of the auditory nerve pathways and related brain centres becoming less efficient at interpreting sounds.
  • Wearing two hearing aids can improve sound quality, clarity, and speech discrimination scores. This allows for a more natural hearing experience and lower amplification levels, saving money on hearing aid batteries and allowing for smaller hearing aids.
  • Improved sound localisation and safety in daily life by allowing the user to locate the source and direction of the sound.

Wearing just one hearing aid is possible if you have hearing loss in only one ear. Wearing one hearing aid can still improve your ability to hear in that ear and can be beneficial in certain situations. However, it is important that you consult with a hearing professional like Samantha here at Summertown Audiology to discuss your specific needs and what would be the best option and provide guidance and recommendations based on your hearing test results and lifestyle.  Contact Sam and the team today HERE


Date: 25 May 2023