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The simple answer is you don’t. This is your choice.

I do however highly recommend that every 5 years everyone has a full reassessment. This is because their individual circumstances can change in that time and their individual needs, health, or abilities (such as dexterity) may also have changed. A small change in hearing is usually resolved by fine-tuning. It is only if there is a larger shift in hearing level would you need to look at other solutions. Sometimes, it is as simple as replacing a Receiver In the Canal receiver, with a power version.

In any five-year period, technology has usually progressed massively, and it is prudent to at least look at what is available and see if these advancements make any significant difference to the patient. Then the individual can determine if this warrants them upgrading their aids.

The average life span of a set of hearing aids is around 5 years. Some may last util they are 6 – 8 years. A few may need to be replaced earlier but this is usually due to infrequent cleaning or care, irreparable damage, or loss.

I try and build in at least 20% power into the reserve of the hearing aid just in case hearing levels drop. Digital aids can be reprogrammed and more powerful receivers added to Reciever In the Canal (RIC/RIE) aids.

Some hearing aids, I can repair in the clinic. If you are wearing a Receiver In the Canal (RIC) hearing aid and this is the part that fails,  I usually have them in stock and can replace them there and then. These usually cost around £45 and in some cases are included in the warranty.
You will only have to pay for a hearing aid repair if it is out of warranty or is due to damage and not a manufacturing fault. These normally cost around £99. If the damage is irreparable then you may have to purchase another aid. Repairs commonly come with a 6-month warranty.
Absolutely, they are expensive single items. I would recommend you first try your home contents insurance. Listing them as a special item/s, just like a watch, etc. Make sure they know if they are a matched pair. That if one is lost both may need to be replaced especially if you have a new for old policy.

Within 2 years a single replacement is reasonable but after that new technology or a replacement model is likely available, and they usually are not compatible. Hearing aids now often come with ear-to-ear communication working together as a set. I can give anyone a simple letter to give to their insurance with all the details if required. This letter can be updated as needed.  We can also refer you to a specialist in hearing aid insurance.

No, you don’t have to have a smartphone, there are accessories like remote controls, TV streamers, remote microphones, and special phones that work directly with your aids. It is true though that some of the more advanced features in a hearing aid may be accessed through a smartphone.

However, we can discuss this and see if this is necessary for you as an individual. Modern hearing aids can be set to automatic. Remember, natural hearing does not have settings or volume control.

Actually, it is quite the opposite. Aiding early if required, has been shown through extensive research to reduce the decline in hearing. It maintains your ability to hear by keeping that part of your brain more active and efficient. Reduces listening effort and increases the ability to communicate. This has many health benefits.
Hearing aid prices start at around £1100 a pair up to around £3900 a pair with our Standard Aftercare Option. This depends on the technology level, if rechargeable, manufacturer, type/model, warranty, and cost of any accessories. These include remote controls, special compatible phones, TV streamers, and remote microphones.

We can and do source aids for any supplier that we feel would be of benefit to an individual or if that person is accustomed to a particular brand.


We have set our prices competitively and do not ‘sell’ hearing aids or solutions.

Prices in the private sector for an all-inclusive package of a top-of-the-range hearing system can be over £5000 from other companies and more. Your appointment will also never be rushed, we make time for you and your hearing.

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