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At Summertown Audiology, we pride ourselves on providing the best service to each client. We take the time to fully understand your needs and concerns before deciding what course of action is best for you.
Sam Godkin
Sam Godkin
Director & Audiologist
Sam has been an Audiologist and Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser (RHAD) for over 30 years, a specialist in anything to do with ears and hearing care. Sam is the Director of Summertown Audiology. She has been fully qualified and registered since 1994. She has a post-graduate Diploma in the Pathology of the Ear and ENT Emergencies.

She is a Tinnitus Practitioner (Trained by the British Tinnitus Association) and is an Earwax Removal Specialist, ENT Consultant Trained (Microsuction) and has worked both in Private and NHS clinics.

She is in her last year of her Masters Degree in Audiology having passed all of the courses she is now focusing on her Thesis. She is trying to decide what topic to choose and has got it down to either designing a protocol for testing patients with Dementia or Can Parkinson's give a tempory conductive loss (using Tympanography and Reflexes)

She has a deaf one eyed cat called Kira (see below) and has a huge collection of antique hearing aids, hearing trumpets and conversation tubes (too many if you ask her husband) She is also a bibliophile and has a large collection of reference books on all things ears and hearing related (yes she is a geek)

Sam will be working Monday morning, Wednesday and Thursdays at Summertown Clinic and will be at Conways of Oxford every Tuesday.

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Carol Beecher
Carol Beecher
Senior Audiologist
Carol has been an audiologist for over 20 years and has worked with Sam on and off over most of that time. Like Sam Carol worked in London for a flagship nationals clinic in Harley Street. She has a special interest in hearing protection and a vast knowledge of this as she used to shoot competitively at Bisley and has represented England. She has qualification in Microsuction Ear Wax Removal and Pulse Irrigation as well as her 20 plus years of hearing aid assessment, dispensing and fitting of all makes and models of hearing aids. She is passionate about making each patient's journey bespoke and suited to their individual needs working holistically at their pace. She will be covering the Friday Clinic (from end December 23 )and Saturday morning Clinic in Summertown and in the new year will be at Conways of Oxford on a Thursday.
Julia Sinnett
Julia Sinnett
Practice Manager
Julia is the practice manager for Summertown Clinic and deals with all the day to day running of the clinic. She is always there to help and can always get hold of Sam if needed.
Company Mascot Kira Godkin
Company Mascot Kira Godkin
Siberian Forest Cat
Kira is one of two cats that live with Sam and her husband Jack. She has been deaf since birth (ironic that Sam has a deaf cat) She lost her eye when she was 3 weeks old and has survived more in her life than most cats could do in 20 lifetimes. She is a complete menace and totally spoilt. Is always up to something and enjoys checking out the birds from atop her cat tree. She loves cuddles and tummy rubs and will sing (very loudly and badly) in the bath tub. She is 9 years old and is a healthy happy cat. She likes being hoovered I will post the video one day on a blog.

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