Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Truly Independent

We do not rush people through the process to ensure everyone has the time they need to choose the right hearing solution for them.

Here we have access to hearing aids not available from the main high street providers and have much more flexibility on which aids can be prescribed.

Summertown Audiology has invested in the latest testing equipment and software and is always at the forefront of hearing aid technology and research on hearing care.

We are not tied to any one supplier and are truly independent so our advice is bespoke and tailored to the individual patient’s needs. We can source hearing aids for the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing instruments.

This includes, but is not limited to, GNResound, Phonak, Starkey and Widex. All of whom Samantha has worked with for over 30 years. This is not the full list of our suppliers but are the ones we feel are the best in the business.

Widex Hearing Aids

“These are the ones that I fitted my father with, and they are amazing hearing aids.  They are known for their performance when listening to music and have a rounder fuller sound.  For musicians this is the one to go for.

Widex are a family owned business at the heart and are only available through independent clinics who have met their requirements of training, experience and ethical practices.

I also feel these are the aids that are best suited to those that have tinnitus as they have the best, in my opinion, tinnitus program on the market.  Zen.

I love Widex hearing aids and have fitted them for nearly 30 years now.  When they launch a new system, which is less often than others, they are always ahead of the game. They have manufactured a phone (for the home, it’s not a mobile) that works directly with the aids to help you hear everything during a call.  Especially useful for those that rely on their phones for keeping in touch with loved ones. They make the smallest receiver in the canal (BTE behind the ear) in the world They may not be a household name, but they are respected widely within audiology and certainly by me. “

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History of Widex

From humble beginnings in the cellar of a Danish suburban home to one of today’s largest global hearing aid manufacturers. We share the incredible story of Widex’s rise to international success.

How the pursuit of perfection began
“We met in the evening at the home of Christian Tøpholm to talk about the future over a bottle of Red Martini. When the bottle was empty, we shook hands and said, “We’ll do it!” – Erik Westermann

Widex was founded in 1956, by Christian Tøpholm, a gifted electronics engineer and Erik Westermann, a successful businessman. To this day, the company remains under the ownership of the two families.

In 1949, both men joined Oticon, a Danish hearing aid manufacturer. Tøpholm, as a factory manager, responsible for technical development; and Westermann as an export manager, responsible for sales outside of Denmark. With Tøpholm’s vision to compete through technology and in-house manufacturing capabilities, and Westermann’s success creating contacts in markets through Europe and America, the two of them became a dream team, forming a strong friendship. Oticon’s annual production saw a tenfold increase from 1,000 to 10,000, whilst exports rose from 20% to 90% of the company’s turnover.

By 1955, the two men were becoming disillusioned, feeling their valuable work was not being appreciated by management, and mutually decided to resign.
On 30th November 1955, they shared a bottle of Red Martini, the only drink Tøpholm had available at his home that evening. Neither was enamoured by the prospect of returning to their respective industries and fuelled by the boldness served to them from the contents of the bottle, resolved to set up their own company.

In January 1956, they were ready to begin their plan. The cellar beneath Christian Tøpholm’s suburban home in Naerum was taken into use as a combined development laboratory, workshop and production hall. Funds were tight in the early days, and the company’s first year was a bit of an uphill struggle.
However, through hard work, dedication to quality, ground-breaking technology, gifted craftsmanship, and some goodwill from family and business associates, Widex successfully released their first hearing aid mid-way through 1956, the Widex 561, an elegant pocket model. From there, the rest is history.

Today, Widex is renowned for producing exceedingly natural sounding hearing aids through a commitment to innovation, focus on quality craftsmanship, and dedication to being the only CO2 neutral hearing aid manufacturer. They are also proud to offer their hearing aids exclusively to independent hearing practices like us!

Widex through and through

Key to Widex’s ability to continually produce quality, innovative solutions that few can match, is the dedication to Christian Tøpholm’s vision to manufacture equipment and components to keep every process in house. From nano coating and electronics mounting to rubber moulding and coil-winding, Widex is committed to producing all the components of their hearing aids, to ensure that every part of the hearing aids adhere to their stringent quality standards. Nothing is left to chance.


Widex has always been committed to corporate social responsibility and ethical standards. In 2010, Widex took its passion for advanced engineering and social responsibility one step further with the construction of their completely CO2 neutral headquarters in Lynge, Denmark.
Innovative, energy-efficient, wind-powered, Widex’s headquarters reflect the proud Danish tradition of environmental awareness, making them the only CO2 neutral hearing aid producer in the world.
The design of Widex headquarters utilises a combination of old and new technology to provide a truly unique building. These include a geothermal system that uses groundwater as a heat reservoir to store an entire years’ worth of heating and cooling, the first of its kind in Denmark, as well as the use of solar cells and recycling of rainwater.

But the most visible contribution is the windmill which delivers more power annually than Widex uses. The windmill also means that Widex is a WindMade™ certified company – the first global consumer label for companies that use wind energy.
Striving for perfection

From the very beginning, Widex has been dedicated to its vision of providing perfect sound to everyone. Christian Tøpholm’s ability to see possibilities others had overlooked and his attention to detail, was what set Widex instruments apart from the beginning. Widex’ pursuit of natural sound has always guided everything the company does. Leading audiological research, quality craftmanship and the unique technology behind natural sound have always set the company apart. Widex led the shift to digital, while persevering the warmth and range of analog. They pioneered the use of new processors, improving sound quality while eliminating latency. And with AI they have made sound uniquely natural for every owner. Now, with their most recent technology, WIDEX MOMENT™ they have achieved the ultimate goal – a sound so natural, it doesn’t sound like a hearing aid.

Supporting independent hearing professionals

Widex have always had a slightly different way of doing business, and now they are really setting themselves apart by making their hearing aids exclusively available to independent hearing practices, meaning that their products are not available in high street stores or the NHS.

Premium plus

With the launch of their new hearing aid, Widex Moment, Widex have repositioned themselves to become the only premium plus hearing aid manufacturer in the industry. This is a reflection of the superior level of quality, design and service which Widex are renowned for.

Starkey Hearing Aids

“These I chose for my husband; he works in complex environments and often outside or around noise (he is chief electrician and maintenance manager at a prison so hearing well is not just better for him but essential for his safety).  My husband likes their app for controlling the aids and finds it very useful day to day.

They have the best feedback management system out there and do amazingly powerful Completely In the Canal (CIC) hearing aids.  They also make tremendous rechargeable In The Ear (ITE) hearing aids.

They have an added unique feature called Fall Alert which can be used to alert others if you fall.  This works outside the home as long as you have a mobile phone and signal.

Another brand I have been fitting for over 20 years, knowing many of the people personally that work in their laboratories in Stockport. They offer a very crisp sound and superb clarity”.

GN Resound

“I have chosen to fit these to my aunt who is a retired teacher. These are a British and Danish company with roots going back to when they used to make headphones for pilots.

They are advancing all the time and make some of the best aids that use Receiver in the Canal (RIC) technology offering the only option with not just microphones behind the ear but also in the canal to give a more natural sound with the ability to focus on sound from the front, just as natural hearing does.

They also have an amazing array of accessories to help in more complex and specific settings. They were the first to develop open fittings allowing us to give a more natural feel to everyday sounds.

GN Resound are a good all-rounder and have an amazing range of aids from their Key entry level to their Resound One premier technology so there is something for all budgets which I like.  They are close to our clinic, being based in Oxfordshire so are on hand if anything needs done.  I have been fitting them since I first qualified in 1994 and have always been impressed by them. They are excellent for severe to profound losses too, offering great power.

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