“I first found out about Sam when my husband visited Summertown clinic regarding his back & heard a conversation about ear wax removal, a procedure I needed!

Sam is very professional & was always extremely helpful & knowledgeable. I would not have my hearing aids now if it wasn’t for her!  She made the whole experience easy & made such a difference to my everyday life.” Linda


I am so grateful for Sam and the team at Summertown Audiology. I have been a patient for about 10 years and I have never had to worry about my hearing because they always make sure I have the best service possible. They are thorough, kind, and always make an effort to ensure that you can hear better today than yesterday! Linda

After being in the merchant navy and having a keen interest in scuba diving, I developed ear infections and damage to my hearing.  Samantha was fabulous, caring and reassuring in my hearing care journey.

I found better treatment going private with Sam and received much better results.  I used to really struggle on the telephone and I was repeating myself a lot.  The hearing aids I have are latest technology and have been life-changing!  James